March 8, 2012

This, that, & the other.

Hello hello! I'd hoped to have a more substantial post for you today, but things have been pretty busy in the onetwothreepeaceful world as of late; I can't elaborate just yet but I WILL say there are some pretty exciting things on the horizon! For now though, here's a quick list of my current loves. 

[ONE] This first one is actually more of a long-term love affair for me. I've watched this organization grow from its humble beginnings, participated in many of their previous campaigns, and the journey has been unbelievable.  The nonprofit organization Invisible Children kicked off its newest campaign on Tuesday; public response has already been INCREDIBLE but we NEED your support! Watch the video, spread the word, and  find out what you can do to aid efforts to bring indicted war criminal Joseph Kony to justice, free the child soldiers, and bring an end to the violence of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. The more people talk about this, the better chance we have of our leaders taking notice, and more importantly, taking action. Thank you so much for taking the time check this out. Also, thanks to those who've ALREADY watched the video and are planning screening events/Cover the Night groups in your area! 

KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo. that was pretty epic, haha. Now for a few less intense things I'm diggin' right now...

[TWO] I picked up this ridiculous vintage decoupaged pincushion yesterday at a flea market down the street from my office. I think the color is what struck me the most, so brilliant! It cleaned up pretty well; my only problem is taking out some of the stains in the pincushion. A few straight pins were rusted into the cushion, sooo...yeah. It's not a huge issue, but if you have some suggestions I'd be so grateful!

[THREE] My lollipop molds came in! I've always been more into baked goods than candy in general, but these suckers (haha) caught my attention. After doing some research, it looks like candy is surprisingly easy to make yourself, with the right ingredients of course. Buuut I should probably try it out before making statements like that, right?  Updates on my Willy Wonka adventures coming soon! 

[FOUR] I'm REALLY pumped about this new weekly music feature on one of my favorite blogs. She'll be showcasing new albums as they come out every Tuesday! She kicked it off this week with the latest news and releases from Sucre, Good Old War, and Merriment...but that's all I'm gonna say! Check it out for yourself and leave some love!

[FIVE] Dear Rodarte for Target dress, thank you for being  at Plato's/so cheap/in my size! 
Ahhh I nearly died when I found it. I don't remember how long ago these were actually sold at Target, but I DO remember drooling all over this one until I saw the pricetag. That's alright though; the dress found me, years later. Wearing it will be ohso sweet. 

[SIX] Layering jewelry. I fell into a style rut recently, so I started layering my necklaces. Two or three at a time, mixing and matching styles. This, in turn, led to choosing my outfits more carefully and before I knew it, I was back in action. And we all like to look our best, right? Dressing up for no reason can be such a confidence boost, too. I love it!

[SEVEN] ALSO, NPR Driveway Moments audiobooks. If you love This American Life, there's a good chance you'll enjoy these. Especially this one and this one. Hi-larious. Ohhh the gems you find while browsing the library catalog!

[EIGHT] These all natural, handmade soaps from Hills Natural Soaps: Guinness (Yep! They have a Newcastle scent as well), sandalwood, and their vegan-friendly oatmeal, milk, & honey variety. There are plenty of other scents to choose from, as well as lotions and lip balms.

[NINE] This pair of buttons...adorable, right?! This is my future. I laughed so hard when I found them.

[TEN] This etsy shop. I love the variety and creativity of these products. A few of my favorites are the terrarium lunchbag, the anatomical brain felted coasters (though the notebooks are cool too), and the vintage sewing machine notecard. As far as the dish dream is to collect them all! Haha. What do you think?

Ok lovelies, that just about does it for me. I hope you're having a great day!

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