March 6, 2012

Onetwothreewhaaat: The story behind the name.


It’s a phrase that used to bother the HECK outta me; I mean REALLY get under my skin. Probably because it’s one of those things that you know is so full of truth, but if you’re not ready to receive or accept it, it’s just plain annoying.

Oh what a bit of perspective can do, though. I met this woman about a year ago, and she’s seriously the ultimate supermom. Works fulltime, shuffles three kids around between piano lessons and soccer and violin and no matter when you catch her, she’s got this huge smile on her face. She literally radiates joy. All. The. Time. It’s probably one of the most beautiful examples of wholehearted living I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve also never heard as many unique catchphrases come from one person as I have from her, and onetwothreepeaceful slowly became one of my favorites. If you think about it, it really IS such a well-rounded, generally applicable term. If you’re upset, onetwothreepeaceful. If you’re anxious/excited (insert deep breath here), onetwothreepeaceful. If you’re rushing around and overwhelmed by it all, onetwothreepeaceful. If you’re hanging with friends and feeling goofy, ONETWOTHREEPEACEFULGUYZZZZ in a really loud, awkward voice (I do this a lot).

Catchphrases are sometimes like proverbs: the good ones stick and get passed around. Since the time that I picked it up, I’ve infected quite a few of my friends and family with the onetwothreepeaceful bug. I can’t take credit for it though; the power’s in the phrase, and it’s not mine to claim. I’m merely sharing the love.

It still cracks me up that I was once so resentful of something that is now ingrained in my daily thinking. I allowed my past negativity to keep me from embracing the beauty of a onetwothreepeaceful life. Look, I still get upset. I’m still anxious and stressed out and crazy sometimes, but who isn’t? The difference is that I’m not AS upset, anxious, etc as I used to be. When I feel the emotional overwhelm, it’s “onetwothreepeaceful” (most of the time I literally say it out loud) and I take a step back. I’m forever grateful for my friend and her wisdom. It may be just a catchphrase to her, but those four words smushed together in one breath? They really hit me.

You might even say they changed my life.

(And gave me a great blog name, haha). 

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