October 22, 2013

Portrait of a Lady, Or The Art Journal That Wasn't.

I started a new art journal, then promptly got bored of it. It had a concept. There were lists and plans and brainstorms and holyflowcharts. There was an end goal, somewhere. And then I dropped my basket, so maybe it will and maybe it won't get finished (I've learned that personal creative outlets are allowed to be just that, holding a certain whimsy when it comes to expectation). Maybe it'll take on a whole new life of its own. Perhaps I've worn out the idea of art journaling for now, and that's ok. Perhaps I'm just too invested in other things. Perhaps it will serve as a bit of kindling in a bonfire as the temperature kind of drops. Who knows? For now, it has served its purpose. And perhaps, it will do so again in the months to come. 

The future's wide open, and I've got nothing but time (and plenty of pages to fill). 


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