December 4, 2012

We're so disposable (lately).

a. headed to Atx for 
b. Renegade, boom
c. and my favorite room
d/e. and my favorite crew from anutha mutha* (and backyard bonfires not pictured because I was too busy warming my hands)
f. and more open road to Brenham 
g. to see this guy! (another ex-Gapcrewkid)*
h. so we could work on an epic Star Wars puzzle and airguitar to/make fun of Foreigner
i. until I decided I was a wild species
j. and photographed my favorite rest stop, because it should be my new nickname
k. and another bestie of almost fifteen years*
l. and finals were finally over!
m. and 1+4+6=11 in alleys with feathers and long life talks
n. and musing about immortalized carleen too, crazy girl. 

*I can't make a normal face to save my life. I hope that's never a requirement in a life or death situation. 


  1. I love you, and I love these pictures so much. NEED to buy a disposable ASAP but they've gone up SO HIGH in price lately. Ugh. xoxoxo Miss you ladybird. Lots.

    1. I know...they've gone up over the years. Kinda like cigarettes. But ya know, life. LOVE YOU TOO GIRL. We need to chat soon!

  2. your facial expressions are the best!

    1. Hahaaaaa thank you. Who has time to be serious anyway, right?


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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