November 22, 2012


For things I don't deserve, like a God who loves without question, who still answers prayer, and hears the cry of a generation in chaos. 

For a family that has weathered many storms, and continues to do so. 

For the seemingly small, mundane things that so often get overlooked; kind words from strangers, people letting you switch lanes in bad traffic, a smile, a hug, a handshake, a high five... that person holding the elevator, a cool breeze, the sun on your face, those weeds in your garden that turn out to be gorgeous flowers. An uplifiting note in a bathroom stall, laughter, sedentary landscapes that you can't take with you but hold in your heart forever. Moments that carry so much meaning, and maybe even give you a bit of hope.  

For friendships that hold fast in the ebb and flow and flux of life (and are down for some realtalk and, you know, feel all of the things).  

For the health that I DO have, despite the long road ahead, and the people in my life who've believed for me when I had a moment and just couldn't. 

For people who strive, in their own way, to make a difference. 

For my past; that painful and joyful journey, imparting the wisdom I need to survive the present. The more you know, right? 

For art, music, film, theater, the written word, both old and new; and for the people who strive daily to be a part of that ongoing legacy. Rock on guys.

Sometimes you take a moment to look around, I mean REALLY look at what's right in front of you, past the bullshit and the problems and the world you've created in your own crazeball brainpan...and you can't help but feel so incredibly blessed. 


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  1. you sure can write well jessica! this post is marvelous.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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