November 10, 2012

My Universal-Notizbuch

Hey internet! It's been a minute. I have SO many things to share, but that will come in time. Ahhh, time. That thing we never seem to have enough of, right? Haha. I'm hoping to be back on my semi-regular blogging schedule as finals and things allow, but for now, I thought I'd ease back into things by sharing this lovely notebook my friend brought back from Germany. I'm a moleskine kinda girl, but this adorable thing has totally captured my heart. It's practically pocket-sized! With GRAPH PAPER. I was told that there's an entire shop filled with these; mainly literature translated in German, English, and Spanish (?). And, obviously, blank notebooks. I MEAN. Tiny baby shelves lining the walls of this place...I can't even. Adding it to the list of Places I Must Visit Before I Die, Or Else. 

Sidenote: In conversation with said friend I decided that maybe Germans don't believe in mistakes, as there's no eraser on the pencil. Perhaps it's a character-building ideology? Es gibt keine fehler. Who knows. 

Hope you're having a great weekend! It's getting chilly! 

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