October 11, 2012


Friends, Romans, countrymen! I don't have a Bits & Pieces post for ya today. I could say life is busy and school and work are driving me into the ground, which is actually true, but it's also just a big ol' bag of excuses. The truth is I'm reframing my perspective on a lot of things, blog included. And I've already anticipated some of your questions, like OH NO! Does this mean you're breaking up with blogland forever?! Are you going on hiatus?! WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING AAHHHH....! The answer to the first two is a definite NO. And what's happening? Well...I'm not quite sure yet. Contemplating direction, thinking about where I delegate my time and effort, prioritizing, etc. What do I really value, what's worth posting, and what's just not worth the stress? Also, something along the lines of that Sunday clothes adage "if you don't have anything nice to say blog about, don't say blog about anything at all". It's not that I don't have nice things to say, I'm just using up all my words for term papers lately.

What's Really Happening Part II is that life happens. Dreaming up a lot of fun things for the future, but I'm not exactly sure when that will all come together. 

PS YOU GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE! I hope you're havin' a baller Thursday (since Thurs is the new Friday AND tomorrow = actually Friday and then on to the WEEKEND YAAAAY) !!!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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