October 24, 2012

Five Tattoo Ideas I Love But Would Never Get On My Body

I love tattoos. A lot. I really do. I want a million. But not really, because I don't want to be covered in them. They're cute here and there, strategically placed, but full body is a little overboard. Not hatin', just sayin. Here are a few that I absolutely ADORE but would never get permanently etched onto my skin, either because they just don't hold personal meaning for me or I don't want to copy someone else. If you happen to have one of these, my purpose isn't to offend, but merely explain why I personally won't be getting one. I'm sure you have a really awesome reason for getting it, and it looks way cooler on you anyway! 

1. A bird/birdcage. Yes, they're beautiful. Yes, sparrows and robins and swallows and mockingbirds are gorgeous. In color, in black, or as silhouettes. They're incredible creatures and carry loads of symbolism for different people. Freedom, for instance. The reminder that they (you) can soar above their (your) circumstances no matter what. Or maybe you're an aviphile and can't get enough of the winged creatures! Totally cool man; not for me. 

2. A ship. They're really cool to look at when they're really well done. I mean really. If you have one, I probably automatically expect you to have a beard and be an amazing musician. Like, say, Andy Hull. This is totally Right Away, Great Captain for me. Again, so awesome when the artist kills it, but I don't need a ship on my body. Where am I sailing to? Where the heck am I going? Where have I been? I don't know and you probably don't want to know either.

3. Something cuteish. Let me be specific: a bow, a heart, a ribbon, a cupcake, a unicorn, a Hawaiian flower, a dolphin, a butterfly, etc. YES lots of people pull them off really well. Sometimes ya just need some sweetheart art on your bod; I can roll with that. It's just not my style. I would probably get a cupcake tattooed somewhere if I could actually eat them! Haha. Ok not really. But they're fun to look at nonetheless. 

4. A Sylvia Plath quote. Rather, The Ultimate Sylvia Plath Quote: "I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart; I am, I am, I am" (or it's various versions, usually shortened). This was actually something I entertained for quite awhile because all of the other quotes I loved from either The Bell Jar or her unabridged Journals were way too long to get inked. But then I was like...I am? Yes I am. And yes I am not going to get that on my body because there are more powerful words, for me personally, that I'd like to have done. Either way, I'm an infinite lover of Plath til the end. I am, I am, I am. 

5. Someone's name/face. Again, this was something I once entertained and still kind of do as a joke in the back of my mind. I wanted 'Marc Jacobs' in the brand font on my wrist or on the back of my neck. Or just the initials. But then it was like MJ? Michael Jackson? Mary Jane? What? He's still my favorite crazy designer and it might still happen, but that's kind of silly when you consider that I wouldn't even get my husband's name tattooed on myself, should I ever get married. I just won't. Or anyone else's name, I don't think. 

And as far as faces...I REALLY wanted Richard Nixon's face on my calf. For a long time.  True story. But guys, he wasn't exactly JFK. Just because he's my favorite prez doesn't mean I have to scare people. I can appreciate really great portrait tattoos though. Madrespect for the REALLY good ones because portraits are just so easy to botch. But if ever I choose to get one, I'll head straight to Classic Tattoo in San Marcos, TX. I'd trust any of those artists with inking someone else's face on my person. Seriously. Their work is AMAZING. 

What're some tattoos you love on other people but probably wouldn't get for yourself?

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