July 24, 2012

Pictures or it didn't happen.

Hey, we were at the wedding too! Of course, I spent most of the time with my face glued to the camera (leaving The Boyfriend at the mercy of my teenage brother, poor thing...haha) but I grabbed my sister for five seconds to take some shots of us, because we never take photos at these things, and that's sad. I have five cameras with at least two in tow at any given moment, and you would think that being as photoexperimental as I am try to be, he'd be the main target of my shots. You would think. But you would be wrong. Blame my dumb phone with it's dumb camera for the lack of shots, or something. ANYWAY. This time we made it happen though, and I'm happy. Just another crazy couple at some beautiful backyard wedding. Ok, I take full responsibility for the crazy. He's pretty stoic for these things, but I can't take a 'normal face' picture to save my life. EXCEPT for the one up top: that's a historical moment people, captured on film for all eternity. The one time she actually smiled  something decent and no one complained (like they usually do) "Jessica, make a normal face! A normal one! Be normal! Stop with the crazytown!" Sorry mom, sister, Boyfriend, whosoeverbetakinmyphoto/beinthephotowithme: being "normal" (whatever that means) is not exactly in my repertoire, and I've proven time and time again that I'm incapable of normal face, so get over it. I love you, so love my notsonormalface. Embrace the crazy. 

I do. 
The Boyfriend does too (I think). 
PS we're matching? Like always? Show up lookin' like we planned that shiz. We're just on a level I think. Also, get a load of my eyeballs. And me + abuela Lela getting crazy by the margarita machine (duh). And my broseph doing some interpretive dance in the foliage. And the fact that my mom looks like she's dancing but really she's trying to maneuver out of the situation.
  I love my family way too much sometimes. All the times. All of the times I love them. 


  1. Replies
    1. I miss you too ladybird! More than words. Quit being so far away!

  2. fun photos! you look cute. i really did think you planned the matching outfits i was like is this a sadie hawkins dance date photo op?

    1. Aww thanks! It's really funny because I didn't notice it before but we really do unintentionally match way too often. I literally bought the dress that morning and had to be at the house by 11:30, and he didn't show up til like right when the ceremony started at 2. And later my mom pointed out how often we matched and I realized..hmm...haha. So ridiculous!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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