June 7, 2012

Bits & Pieces: Nerds + Words Edition.

1. I can't get enough of these awesome text bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts. There are like 50 more I'd love to share but you can just click  on over to their shop and see for yourself! 1 / 2 / 3
2. This badminton embroidery DIY is just about the coolest thing ever.  
3. Totally diggin' this Little Red Riding Hood zine by Julia Staite; font+sketchlove!
4. I cleaned up my desk last week and used a bunch of small/different sized glass containers to organize my supplies...but this looks so much cooler! (Also, it's called Lab-Solutely on Modcloth. SO NERDY I LOVE IT).
5. Love these mint cutouts from Modcloth! 
6. Best. Card. Ever from 4/Four Cards. Iraforlife! 

7. Currently loving on This American Life: Retraction and Invisible Made Visible

8. THIS IS MY FAVORITE READ FROM LETTERS OF NOTE. FAVORITE. ABSOLUTE FAVORITETHEEND. Bob Dylan gives a drunken speech while accepting an award that offends people, and writes things like "I do not apologize for myself nor my fears". I mean. 

9. This article about the historical archive that lies beneath the NY Times, curated by a single man...with more photos than could ever be digitized in this lifetime, just captures my heart. You can find more images from the archives at The Lively Morgue

10. Elise of Enjoy It's most recent photo walk theme: TEXT. Awesome shots. (Be sure to check out the Palm Springs minibook she made too...so inspiring and fun!)

11. This lovely reminder that it's ok to leave things undone. 

Happy Thursday loves! 


  1. I love you. Also, I love those bookends. Also, I think it would really hurt to get those thumbtacks out of that vial. xoxo

    1. Bahaha. Yeah, it probably would. It doesn't look like they hold very much either...but supercute either way! Love you bird!

  2. Oh my gosh! That badminton embroidery needs to be in my house! Except I don't play badminton or tennis so......hahaha

    You always find the best stuff.

    1. GIRL I don't EITHER but next time I go thrifting, I'm totally going to scavenge for a racket of some kind. True story: when I found the DIY I actually thought of you and was like "this would go so cute near her Africa on the mantle"...haha.

    2. We should do an embroidered racket swap. LSKFDLKJJ.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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