May 22, 2012

Renegade Roundup / 2

Here are a few more booths that really made my day at Renegade (that's me up there, taking Way Too Many Photos). Photo taken by Christine via Instagram (fancypants). 

This was actually the very first booth that I visited when I first got to the fair. I’d heard about The MossyFox around the blogosphere but had never actually looked into the name and what it was all about. I asked if I could talk some pictures and while I was doing so, Cassie (handmade jewelry extraordinaire) showed up and we started chatting. I absolutely LOVE the colors and prints she uses for her earrings and necklaces; not to mention the gorgeous headbands and fabric hoop wall art! This girl’s all up in my style groove. 
Her setup was simple but effective and adorable in every way. Cassie was enthusiastic and incredibly sweet, and it was really exciting to meet a fellow blogger (who lives so close by!) and exchange business cards! I’m really sad I didn’t get to buy anything at the booth, but I have my eye on a few things in her online shop to purchase in the near future, and am definitely Mossy Fox’s newest follower! Check her out! 
I swooned over these lovelies, especially that one on the right! 

I fell in love with the self-proclaimed “cutesy illustrations and greeting cards” of The LittleIllustrator. Jennifer, the artist behind these lovely prints, wasn’t at the booth when I came around but her husband was really nice and told us all about his wife’s work, etc. We also found out that they, the boyfriend, and I all live within like a 5 mile radius, which is crazy! So fun to meet other crafty Houstonians! The booth itself featured cards and prints for every occasion; I bought this one because it was waaay too cute. I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of this booth as I would’ve liked because people were trying to buy things (again, I’m totally cool with that) but be sure to check out all of Jennifer’s handmade illustrations in her online shop.  
The card I bought; photo via The Little Illustrator on Etsy...REALLY bummed I didn't take more photos :/


Where do I even begin?! The mother/daughter collective from Specks & Keepings is probably the coolest odes to handmade I’ve ever seen. One table housed Hillery’s embellished animal mobiles and her collection of intricately detailed My Lady dolls, and the other side of the booth contained a rack clothing from her mother's apparel line, Rebe. What I loved most about this team was their dedication to color, pattern, simplicity, and detail. I mean. The dolls caught my attention immediately, with their bright colors and variety. No two were the same. Part of the product description from the shop’s website reads “My Lady Dolls are small reminders of the women in our lives, as well as women from lands near and far united in labors of love and tradition”. Of course, after reading that I wanted one even more…
And the mobiles! I had my camera out and snappin photos of this neon horse before taking in the rest of the booth. I was furnishing the apartment I don’t have with a few of these mini mobiles; and every time the detail just astounded me! Hillery was very sweet and patient in answering all of my questions (their booth was packed!). You can find more of Hillery’s incredible work as well as her mother’s right here

I found out about TheMerriweather Council a few months ago through a giveaway hosted by One Sheepish Girl. Danielle (of Merriweather) and I don’t know each other personally, but we’ve tweeted at each other on and off since then (even as the boyfriend and I were headed to Austin, we were tweeting and freaking out about Renegade, haha). 
When I saw her name on the list of vendors I was pretty darn excited! And of course, her booth did not disappoint. Her embroidered pendant necklaces looked absolutely beautiful on display, as did her wall of embroidered and patchwork hoops. That space could hardly contain the color explosion that was happening! I loved it so much, and it was nice to put a face to the tweets, haha. Danielle puts a lot of effort into what she does, and it shows. If embroidery is yo thaaang, check out her blog and shop (because they’re awesome)! 

I didn’t get a chance to actually stop at this booth as we were running low on time and still had so many delightful things to see, but I was able to snag a business card and snap a quick photo of the Eat Agar Handspun table. Desirea was in the corner spinning as we went by, which is such a beautiful skill and something I’d love to learn before I die. 
I was really impressed by this post from her blog about the kind of wool she uses, or “rescue wool” as she calls it. Most of her wool comes from the Homestead Wool and Gift Farm, a place where animals who would have otherwise been resold, eaten, or put down go to live out the rest of their days in a nurturing, peaceful environment. The shearing process is gentle, and the sheep, llamas, and alpacas are treated with love and care. The site offers a variety of fibers and wool, as well as handspun yarn. I’ll definitely be ordering from Desirea’s shop or Homestead in the future. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Obviously I lied about photo-heavy posts. Sorry guys. I love you. Really. There's just too much beautiful art in this world not to spread the love. It was a crazyfun event, wish you could've been there! Which of these fair favorites are YOUR favorites? 


  1. Those embroideries are to die for! I've always wanted to learn how to do that. I have all the supplies. I'm just intimidated. Look at me! I'm practically an indie business owner and you'll probably see ME and my embroideries at renegade next year. ;] hahaha

    1. Lareeeessaaaaaaa you can DO IT! Don't be intimidated girl, I'm sure you've got madskillz. Having the supplies is half the battle, yes? And PS if you're at Renegade next year we're totally sharing a booth, haha (;

      PS if you're serious about 'learning how' (it's really not too difficult...pretty easy to just do your own thaaang) this might help:

  2. Replies
    1. It was so amazing! I wish you could've been there!


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