May 10, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

1. This incredible book dome! Kind of wish I could make this my home. 
2. This fun Mother's Day card DIY from A Beautiful Mess is so creative. 
3. These fancy paaaaants from QooQoo Fashion! I don't normally go for knee/elbow design stuff, but these leggings would make a sweet addition to my wardrobe. 
4. These compact whisks from Normann Copenhagen on Gretel. I don't even remember HOW I found them, but it's instant kitchenlove. 
5. This supercomfy-looking geometric wool blanket from Tina Ratzner (also on Gretel...PS this site is UH-MAZING). 
6. This stamp from Elise's shop! All of her designs are really cute though...which one is your favorite? 
7. The newest addition to my follow list, Eatsleepcuddle! Whitney's photography is SO incredibly amazing (and so is the rest of her blog). I mean.

8. This lovely post about living, loving, and just BEING in the moment...something I struggle with DAILY. Onetwothreepeaceful. Whew. 

9. This is probably old news, but um, I want to go to a Mad Men-themed party/fundraiser?!

10. I needed this difficult and beautiful reminder from The Marvelous Flight of Cara. Realtalk for days when the motivation is a-lackin'. 

hello thursday. by jsimcity on Grooveshark
Happy Thursday (: 


  1. That book dome is amazing! And those whisks. Ummm I need those in my life. Good list, lady!

    1. Thanks girl! And ohhhhmygoodness DIED when I saw those whisks. And then died again when I realized the website doesn't only sell kitchen things. So glad someone else appreciates this, haha.

  2. Lala la LOVE this list. And holy crap, you included me?! THANKS SO MUCH JSKA!!!!! Lol. Jessica. xoxo

    Emailing you back asap.

    1. Um DUH included you! That was a great post lady, filled with things I lose sight of on the reg. Aka every stinkin day. And it needed to be shared because we're all broken&human&you're awesome soooo (:

      Yay emails!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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