April 19, 2012

This, that, & the other: Record Store Day edition!

What better way to gear up for Saturday's festivities than some fun record-related inspiration?! I'm so excited. (Can you tell I'm so excited? Because I am. SO. EXCITED!!!)
1. THIS lovely two-tiered cupcake stand made from recycled turntables. Perfect for your next 50s-themed dance party!
2. This makes me smile!
3. These crafty coasters from Recycled Album Art. Everyone's seen the round ones made from the record label, but I absolutely love the idea of an entire album cover cut into square ones. Some sets even come in this cute vinyl bowl!
5. The re-released Fisher Price record player! These are definitely much flashier than the originals, but still really cute. As in, I see myself owning one again just BECAUSE. And by "just because" I mean I am sometimes 5 years old.  

6. You didn't think I'd post all of this without including some CRAFTS, did you? Thankfully, the folks at Threadbanger did all the work for me with their DIY Roundup of Vinyl crafts! Sometimes the thought of using vinyl for purposes other than auditory enlightenment makes me full-body cringe, but if you have some 33s or 45s that're scratched/warped beyond belief, you can't enjoy 'em anyway, right? So there you go. Have you ever made any crafts from old LPs? I'd love to hear about them!
1/Vinylclockwork 2/Vinylclockwork
7. Speaking of crafty, czech out THESE vintage beauties, repurposed to keep time in a totally new way. I have a mildtoserious crush on the person who concieved this idea. Totally including this clock in my room makeover.
8. We can always swoon over Ms. Hepburn, can't we?
9. Incorporate some vinyl pride into your daily wardrobe. So cute! Does this remind anyone else of those tiny Barbie records that fit on the Barbie-sized 'turntable'? Err...I've said too much already.
10. These photos from an Elle shoot styled to channel Empire Records back in 2009. I'm not sure they do the movie justice (I'm supremely biased), but they're still fun to look at!

11. Here's one of my favorite clips from Empire Records (though there are so many to choose from! Aaah!) This movie will forever be in my top 10. I'm serious. My roommates and I could sit around our living room and quote the entire thing, just cracking up laughing. Those are some of my favorite memories from the 8201 (:
12. Um, USB vinyl player what? This kind of negates the whole nostalgia of vinyl, but in many ways it's a happy medium. I think. Marrying the music medium of the past with the technology of the present...kinda cool? I'll stick with my trusty turntable, thanks, but this idea is pretty genius nonetheless. (Does the album just float or what? I'm way to defensive of my LP babies to risk anything, haha). 
13. This cute record-shaped cutting board/serving tray from Modcloth. Pair it with your tiered cupcake stand, and all you need are some kitten heels and a checkered floor my friends.  

Not the greatest quality photo, but one of my favorites! Image
14. Ok, ok. I just REALLY love the Clash, and have yet to find any of their albums on vinyl in the States (my part of Texas fails MISERABLY when it comes to imported vinyl [maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places?]...and buying said albums online has proven a bit too pricey/it's just not as cool, haha!). My Record Store Day dream is to find one of their many greatgreatgreat albums. On vinyl. Wishful thinking, I know, but I basically say a little prayer to the rock-n-roll gods every time I walk into a record store. Maybe Saturday is my day? (: 

Have you decided your attack plan for Saturday? What stores will YOU be going to?

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