April 15, 2012

Counting down to Record Store Day 2012

“This music is the glue of the world Mark. It's what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless.” – Eddie, Empire Records
A few weeks ago I got some news that really tore up my heart. A post by my dear friend Christine mentioned that Sundance Records, an independent record store in San Marcos, Texas, had closed its doors recently.

I moved from San Marcos about a year ago, but when I lived there, Sundance was like a second home. It was everything a record store should be; busting at the seams with vinyl and cds and concert posters, faint smell of incense hovering in the air. I would disappear for hours, getting lost in their massive vinyl collection, daydreaming about where these LPs had come from, where they’d been and how they’d ended up here as I thumbed through each alphabetized crate. Everything sheathed in plastic, everything alive with history and most importantly, music. The day I found Richard Nixon’s inauguration speech on vinyl (in the clearance bin, of course, haha) is one that I will never forget. The Grassroots’ greatest hits, albums by CCR…all exciting finds at prices that Half Price Books could never match. Sundance was it, you guys.

I’ve held off on posting about this because Saturday is the 5th annual Record Store Day, founded to celebrate independent record stores everywhere (a dying breed in a digital age), but more importantly, the unifying power of music. As a music lover and frequenter of record stores, I wanted to bring this celebration to the blog, especially in light of recent events. This week, I will be featuring a series of guest posts written by friends and fellow music-obsessives about their love of music, and the profound impact it’s had and still continues to have on their lives.

We all have a personal playlist, a veritable life soundtrack. It may change over time, grow and evolve as we do, but the power of lyrics + instrumentals remains. For all the different genres and artists, old and new, music brings people together. That may not be the dictionary definition of Record Store Day, but to me, that’s what it’s all about. I’m SO SO excited to share people’s stories this week as we count down to Record Store Day 2012. You can find more information about RSD here, as well as a list of participating record stores in your area.

PS if you've been wondering about that nifty counter on the sidebar...well now you know (:


  1. I didn't know such a day existed, and I'll definitely be scouring my local record stores then. I'm one of those wannabes who collects records but doesn't even own a record player. I want one, but haven't felt the motivation to go out and find one. I actually don't even know where I would begin, because most of the record stores I've been to don't even sell players. Huh.

    Anyway, I'm sorry about the loss of your favorite store. And, thank you so much for the sweet comment at my blog. I appreciate your visit and support, especially during this time.

    1. I'm glad I could share the record day love! I was lucky enough to grow up with a turntable in my house, and then I later found an old one at a bookstore that was closing down. My advice would be to check out thrift stores (though there's no guarantee that if you find one it'll be in working condition), but you can find some great deals on Amazon or Walmart (who knew?!) as well. It's not the same as getting a 'vintage' one I guess, but at least you'll be able to listen to all of that music you've been stockpiling!

      Thanks for commenting lady; hang in there! (:

  2. I actually have always wanted one. Never did find a good one though.. I actually live (somewhat) nearby-I should have visited! what a shame!

    found the route

    1. Sad day! There's always next year, ladybird (:


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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