March 12, 2012

National Craft Month: Crochet Week

Normally, Mondays elicit a pretty distinct soul-groan from me. The weekend is over, it’s back to work and errands and so much less free time to create. Today is a liiiittle bit different though. It just so happens that the second week of March is National Crochet Week, and because I’ll never pass up the opportunity to celebrate random “holidays”, you’d better believe this week’s craft is crochet-related! I’ll admit that brainstorming for a cute but quick project to share (especially after last week’s mammoth post; sorry guys!) didn’t yield a whole lot of results at first. In fact, the inspiration for today’s project was the result of a rapidfire stream of consciousness following a conversation with my boyfriend about the yoga mat I want to purchase with My Coke Rewards points. The result? Crochet buttons.

I used this pattern, but I found another one that’s pretty basic as well. I played around with different yarns and hook sizes until I found ones that gave me the size/texture of button I was looking for. I ended up using a 3mm hook, and I probably wouldn't go above 4mm for this project. Of all the yarns I played around with, Caron Simply Soft was both the easiest to work with and produced the cutest button. Also, I filled my buttons with extra yarn scraps to make them more puffy. 

I know, I know. Crochet buttons are great, sure, but what the heck can ya do with them? Here's an idea: make a brooch! You will need:

  • a crochet button (pattern in links above)
  • a brooch pin
  • yarn needle
  • scissors

Thread the long button tail through the holes in the brooch pin. The idea is to sew the pin to the button using the tail. Tie off and finish. 

Ta-da! Now you have a cute little crochet pin to add some texture to your outfit. Other crochet button ideas:
  • top off a hat
  • add some fun to a knit sweater (I'd just do the buttons...those sleeves are way outta control)
  • crochet button bracelet (I'm going to try this one soon)
  • add to a headband
  • add some texture to an art project (ie painting, frame, etc)
I know they're kinda dorky but I absolutely love them right now, for whatever reason haha. What would you use them for?! I'd love to hear your brilliant ideas! 

In the spirit of National Crochet Week, I’d also like to share some of my favorite and most recent crochet projects. As I was making a list of To Dos for 2012, I decided that I really wanted to crochet a chevron throw blanket. I started strong in January, working on it almost every day. As life got busier, I worked on it less and less. Eventually, I set it aside altogether. I haven’t lost interest in it though; it’s become a perfect go-to project when I’m burned out on something else. I’ll just pick it up, crochet a few rows, and bam. It’s the perfect long-term project for me, and I have no doubt that it’ll be completed by my December deadline!

Also, I’d like to share some of my favorite patterns from some fabulous crochetin’ ladies:

Photo from Peoplewebs
 This crocheted bow headband by Lindsi of Peoplewebs is so so cute! I used to "make" these (or pretend to make them? Ha) when I was first learning to crochet. Great project for beginners to work with the basic single crochet stitch. Click the link for the pattern, or order one from her Etsy shop! She has a few different colors available right now. 

Photo from Peoplewebs
Ok I know it's warming up a bit lot (in the south. Maybe not up north?) but AHHHHHHHthechunkycirclescarf! Yet another lovely pattern from Peoplewebs (I'm such a fan of this blog...seriously. All about it. This girl's got madtalent). This was my very FIRST "major" crochet project that I ever completed/looked halfway decent, haha. You can purchase one of these from her shop as well. 

This crochet heart pattern created by Rachel of Cornflower Blue Studio is awesome. It's literally a five minute project and the result is completely adorable! The pattern is written in an easy-to-read photo tutorial form; perfect for visual learners like myself. 

Completely unrelated sidenote: Today is Jack Kerouac’s 110th birthday! I first read On the Road when I was 14; totally had the crosscountry travel itch for the rest of 8th grade/my life haha. Such a great read, to this day! PS I can totally use this as an excuse to bake cupcakes, right? (;

Photo from 9 Pound Hammer  

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